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Monday, March 5, 2012

Besides Angelina's Leg, these are other looks I loved on the Red Carpet!

You have to give it to Angelina for stealing the show during the Oscars w/ her perfectly toned legs (or should i say LEG? lol ) to compliment that high split in her stunning dress! We couldn't keep our eyes off that leg but if you did get a chance to look at her face, her makeup was stunning! I love when she gives us that ultra glam look on the red carpet. Sultry eyes and red lips! Can we all just wake up w/ this makeup look? LOL I wouldn't mind seeing her rock this look more often. Don't you guys agree?

Another show stopper for the night was Miley Cyrus. The media said that this look kind of aged her, but i totally disagree. I think it is such a beautiful sophisticated look. If looking "older" means looking that glamorous, i wouldn't mind at all!!

JLO JLO JLO!! What can i say? She looked more than just amazing! With that jaw dropping dress she made a wise decision and went very light and natural with her makeup.

Milla Jovovich looked stunning with rich matte red lips that contrasted her one-shoulder white gown. The actress wore a waved side-parted bob while her eye makeup was kept soft and tame with rosy blush matching the lipstick. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

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