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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kim Kardashian... Everyone loves her makeup look! Want to know why?

She's freaking beautiful!! That's why! When you look at her you cannot find one flaw. I always have to laugh when clients tell me "i want that Kim Kardashian look.."As a makeup artist i know its takes alot to achieve even this simple look, but it comes off looking very natural, like she doesn't have much on. Kim focuses alot on  eyeliner and mascara, concealer and contouring. So ladies we do not have to have all the colors of the rainbow on our eyes for it to look good! In the twitter world we like to call that a #FAIL ... lol We should always strive to attempt to do our makeup like KIM K. or something close! It looks sultry,sexy, and clean! The way makeup should look...

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