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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kiss Cellulite bye bye..

Some of you might be sceptical of a cream that takes away cellulite, well i was too until i was introduced to FAT GIRL SLIM!! This product contains caffine which helps firm the skin and also an ingredient called cyclomethicone which is proven to help with lines and wrinkles. Massaging it onto the skin for about 3 min. a day, twice a day, in a month you will see a difference. Department stores carry this item but if you buy it directly from the website its cheaper.

Nude lips? Ewww that is soo boring!! Make a statement with a BOLD LIP

Alot of women have lipstick color phobia. Ladies there is nothing wrong with a nude lip but there is something about a BOLD LIP that turns up a womans sexiness. I try to steer my clients and friends out of boring everyday nude lip when they are going out! The color that Rihanna has in this pic work for both dark and medium skin tones. You can always tone it down by blotting. So give color a try!
Color suggestion: try MAC: Girl About Town


ONLY FOR MAKEUP DIVA'S: And the winner for best drug store foundation goes to.....

ONLY FOR MAKEUP DIVA'S: And the winner for best drug store foundation goes to.....

And the winner for best drug store foundation goes to.....

Ever want to put on foundation but don't want to waste "the good one" just to go to publix or to go run errands?  I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I was drawn to this foundation because of the name "MOOSE".. Sounds very smooth and delicious! And that's exactly what you get when you put it on! Gives great coverage, doesn't look heavy at all!! Great price point too! Only 7 bucks! So now you can save "the good foundation" for those special occasions!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Favorite drug store mascara COVER GIRL LASH BLAST

I LOVE THIS MASCARA. I have tried some of the best out there. From DIOR, CHANEL, LANCOME and honestly i have to say that this cover girl mascara comes very close. The brush is what makes this mascara! In my opinion it coats each and every lash and never becomes clumpy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Favorite Foundation

I use to hate MAC products! Yes a makeup artist that hated MAC.. yes i know, you dont hear that too often. I never liked the ending result of how it looked on certain complexions. This is before i discovered Stuido Fix Fluid spf 15 which is just a lighter formulation of the regular Studio Fix Foundation.  It gives great coverage, looks super natural on your skin, and they have so many shades to choose from, you will definetly be happy with the ending results. **Foundation is for normal to oily skin*

Dont you hate being oily?

One of my favorite products of all times has to be MAC Mattifying gel. You put on just a dab of this before your foundation and it leaves your skin looking matte and not oily. Living in a humid climate like Miami this is a must! Who doesn't want to look fresh all day long? I know i do!!