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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everyone looks good "NAKED"...well in this NAKED palette that is ;)

So my recent makeup purchase has lead me to buying this wonderful paletet from URBAN DECAY called NAKED...Its a great buy at only $48 bucks and it comes w/ a makeup brush and also a fabulous eye base that keeps on your eyeshadow.  Its takes you from a simple day time look to something more intense. And this palette works on every complexion which i love! And if anyone knows about URBAN DECAY COSMETICS the pigment is sick!!! <----that means good lol So if your looking for new eye shadows try this one out! It will be a purchase you will not regret.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This made me say WOW! This mascara is a must have!!

I know your probably saying to yourself.. TARTE? Who makes that? Alot of ppl haven't really heard of this line. Its only carried at Sephora and Ulta Stores. I was up late one night and watching QVC and they were advertising this mascara. I was amazed by the instant volume it gives to your lashes, but i had doubts. You know sometimes what you see on TV isn't always real. SO i took a chance and bought it and can i tell you that i am IN LOVE! It adds fullness & volume instantly without looking clumpy! You do not have to worry about your lashes being hard and brittle afterwards! For $19 dollars its a great value! Its so worth the buy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Once you go BLACK you always go BACK! but before you do try out this GRAY EYELINER!

Different shades of gray that look good
on any complexion

We have all become so use to just using BLACK eye liner but have you ever experimented around with a different color? Gray is a good way to experiment with a little color but still having the depth that you get from black. Doing a darker shade of gray as your top liner and smudge it then use a lighter shade of gray on the bottom is an amazing look for any type of event. If you use black eyeliner now and u feel like you always look tired, try switching to GRAY. Try out CHANEL eyeliner in GRIS SCINTILLANT.  That's one of my favorite colors in a pencil eyeliner.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Contouring... Look like you've had plastic surgery w/out spending $$$$$

So this is a project that i have been working on for a couple weeks. I wanted to show the difference that makeup makes, especially when people are concerned about specific things like wanting their nose to looking more slender, or make them look like they have high cheek bones.

So instead of spending money on a plastic surgeon just invest your money on a good makeup artist :) 

On the model i used for this project, i decided to do a "semi natural" look on her. Earth tone
shadows were used on her and just concentrated on features like eyebrows, contouring her nose and using a lighter concealer to add a little brightness to certain areas. Below are more before and after pictures showing the same type of technique used. ENJOY!!