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Monday, January 26, 2015

Is your makeup look outdated? TOP 6 Makeup HELL NO's

As a child I would look at older woman and wonder,"Why does she do her makeup that way?" Who wears blue eye shadow with red lip stick besides BeyoncĂ© in that BLOW video?  (BTW she is the only person allowed to rock that makeup look, ok ladies, carry on) Later in life I learned that woman get stuck using the same products because we mentally label something as "being our favorite" and of course over the years we keep buying and doing the same look . Then you have woman that try to follow trends. *sigh* This is where it can take a turn for the worst. Sharpie brows, halo brows, butterfly eyelashes, harsh contour, white contour, nude powdered donut lips... the list goes on and on!

I have gathered my top 6 makeup HELL NO's!! If you fall into this category please, pretty please stop! It really doesn't look good & if your friend does this and you still hit LIKE on her pic on IG you're just as guilty and should be punished too.


WHY? I want to burn every white frost lipstick in the world! The is terrible! I think woman make an attempt to do a neutral color but white frost or powdered donut color isn't it!! There is nothing appealing about this lip color AT ALL! If you feel like your a victim of this MAKEUP HELL NO please contact me and I will guide you through the proper steps to getting rid of this product from your makeup bag!!


Yes people actually still do this lip!! Can you believe it. Its just not our L.A or Texas Cholaz ! This is ugly! I've seen people do black lip liner and a gloss on top! The early 90's look isn't working in 2015. Why can't a deep plum lip liner work? but also use a color lipstick similar to the lip liner color as well?


 Ok I get it!! We grew up watching Sesame Street and loved Mr. Snuffleupagus but I never really wanted to have his lashes tho. Lashes are suppose to enhance your eyes, now a days you look like your going to fly away. If people like how you look without your falsies then there's a problem! We all wanna have Kim K lashes but  you have made a wrong turn and going down the wrong street if your lashes look like these pics!! COME BACK!!


If your brows after you have drawn them on are thicker than your finger or blacker than tar then you need to get your life together. For one... You should never ever use a black pencil for your brows! 2nd... You should never press down sooo hard to create such a hard line. Brows are your friends. They frame your face. They help you express when your happy, or excited even when your sad .


Halo isn't just another song on BeyoncĂ©'s album, its actually a makeup technique makeup artist use that has spiraled out of control! The technique is used to define your brows to make them look picture perfect by using a concealer. Normally the concealer is 2 shades lighter but ppl have started using the light color on top of their brows which is a NO NO and has resulted in the pics above!


M.A.C must of came out with a limited edition funeral collection foundation line that I don't know about because not only do I see celebrities with this  I see a lot of regular ppl on my IG and Facebook with it. Of course I can't use their pics (wish I could lol) but please ask yourself this, " Does my face match my body?" Take  a pic with the flash on and see if it matches. Your face doesn't have to be exactly the color of your body but try to get as close to it as possible. You can't have a winter face with a summer body!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love at first application... Kat Von D foundation ❤❤

It was love at first application!!! ❤❤ Even though I'm a makeup artist I struggle just like a lot of women trying to find that perfect match. Color,texture and finish play a big role in my final decision. It is a full coverage foundation so you only need 2 small pea size amounts for your entire face! If you have dry skin this may not be the right foundation due to the matte finish. You can try mixing it with a tinted moisturizer or just use it on your problem areas. I haven't tried her concealer but if its anything like the foundation, it will definitely be a future purchase! I purchased color #62, it's a bit dark but i mixed it with a lighter concealer and i do plan on getting some sun so its perfect!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Since the days of Cleopatra women have always had a very close relationship with their black eyeliner pencils. I'm not saying to get rid of it, but lets try to put it down for a brief second! Take a look at these pictures below and see what a  pop of color underneath your eyes does! Its pretty amazing!

This makeup look is very simple. Take a nude color all over your lid, black eyeliner on top and take a lilac shadow and smudged underneath your lash line.

Blue Eye Liner helps the white of your eyes look brighter and makes blue eyes stand out even more. We were always told never to match your eyeliner to the color of your eyes but PHUCK the rules! lol Makeup is suppose to be fun! Its okay to step out of the box and try something new every now and then!
A touch of a teal was used in the above picture. As you can see the eye makeup is kept very clean and adding a little touch of color changes the look completely! A great makeup look if your going out to happy hour with the girls right after work. Its an effortless but appreciated look that always makes a statement!

I always suggest that you use a water-proof eyeliner if your going to attempt to duplicate this look. WHY? Because it smears easier than eyeliner you use on you lid, and some of us also have a bad habit of wiping underneath our eyes.  Urban Decay has the best water-proof eyeliners.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Motives For LA LA @ Angela Meadows Salon

If you haven't heard of Angela Meadows you must be living under a rock! She is a celebrity hair stylist that has worked w/ La La, Serena & Venus Williams, Kelly Rowland and Trina just to name a few. This past Saturday she had a soft Grand Opening of her salon on the heart of South Beach and I was the featured artist doing makeup on the models and introducing MOTIVES for LA LA  to her salon alongside Diego Cash (La La's brother). Models were not only rocking MOTIVES for LA LA but also swim wear and jewelry by InstantKarmabyKL ! I had the pleasure to meet Jamaal Buster, eye lash guru to the stars, who was introducing his new eyelash line! It was a evening of glamour, fashion and beauty!
Applying MOTIVES COSMETICS on a client
I fell in love with this gloss! Color: CELEB

Gorgeous Models Showing off their bold colorful lips by MOTIVES.

Smokey Cat eye with bold lips was the look for the night
Jamaal Buster and Angela Meadows

Jamaal Busters' "JUST LASHES"

Angela Meadows Salon is located at 542 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

Monday, July 30, 2012

Who did it better... Brands VS Brands

With so many makeup lines we sometimes find ourselves in the cosmetic section of department stores asking, "Which one is better?"



Both are great liners, easy to put on, comes in a variety of colors BUT I have to go with MAC FLUIDLINE EYE-LINER gel! WHY you ask? Well the BOBBI BROWN liner tends to flake after a while and who wants to worry about that mid afternoon?? NOT ME!! Even though they are both gels for some reason the MAC goes on smoother and stays on longer w/out flaking.



For those that are a little clueless on what an eye base is, its a product you put on before you put shadow and it makes everything last 10 times longer! Especially living in Miami, primers are a MUST HAVE  in your makeup bag. My favorite one out of these two products is LAURA MERCIER!!  I love the fact that as soon as you put it on it dries to a powder finish, and also comes in a variety of shades so if you wanted to skip the eyeshadow and just do the base and still look like you have eyeshadow on you can.


If you are still a person filling in your brows w/ your brown/black eyeliner than you definitely need to read this section of the blog. Anastasia is known as the "Eyebrow Guru"  in the beauty world. She has done eyebrows to a lot of celebs and came out with her eyebrow line years ago. I was a little disappointed using this pencil.  I love using a thinner, retractable pencil to do my brows. It gives you a more natural and neater look to the brows. So sorry Anastasia, i have to go with MAC eyebrow pencil for this one.



An artist must always prime his canvas before creating his work of art. The same rule applies when putting on makeup. Your skins looks smoother and has more of a flawless appearance if used before putting on your foundation. I had a tough time choosing between these two, so i had to call it a tie!! What i love about TARTE'S primer is that it fills your pores and leaves the skin feeling so silky,
smooth and soft. It almost gives it that airbrushed look.  The MAKEUP FOREVER primer leaves the skin looking radiant and that beautiful glow to it. I love it for drier skin or skin that lacks radiance. When looking for a primer, its all about what works best on your skin and not about what Allure rates as the best, or what your girlfriend uses.