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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dont spend tons of $$$ of skincare. RECESSION PROOF SKINCARE REGIMEN

I have tried everything from La Prairie, La Mer, Clarins etc. These are all great products but if $250-$1000 dollars isn't in your budget for skin care I have something for you have to try. One thing that all skin care products have in common is HYDRATION which is very important!! Moisturizer is the way your skin way of quenching its thirst. 

This product from ROC happens to be my favorite. On one side of the pad is soapy so it cleanses and on the other side of the pad is a little more textured to help you get rid of all those dead skin cells that are just resting on you face and making you look dry. Also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines to keep you looking younger.

Next product that i love and would just recommend doing this once a week is this Laura Mercier Face Polish.  What a scrub does is remove dead skin cells. The older we get the longer it takes longer for our skin cells to renew themselves on their own, so exfoliation helps speed up that process.

Now please don't laugh at the next product. lol  I'm pretty sure some of you are saying "hell no" or "that's ghetto"... lol but don't knock it until you try it.. I started using NIVEA cream one day after i ran out of my pricey moisturizer and fell in love! Its super rich in moisture, i even use it under my eyes. I recently started using it on a couple of clients. I hate when your putting foundation on someone and there skin is so dry that it makes the foundation look horrible. Guaranteed  you will love the glow it gives to your skin. I'd rather look dewy and shinny than dry and rough.. lol DON'T YOU AGREE?


**They do have a Nivea Cream that is specifically for the face, so you dont necessarily have to use this one**

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